Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)



KSHS requires year 7, 8, 11 and 12 to have a laptop for learning at school and at home.  Students should bring their laptop to school everyday. The school recognises that some families may need support for this, it is therefore possible to hire a school laptop on a yearly basis.  ​​

Loan laptops

​Kirwan High is able to provide loan laptops for students in years 7, 8, 11 and 12 at a cost of $250 per year, with a $50 refundable deposit if the device is returned undamaged. Download our BYO Application Form (PDF, 387.12 KB) ​


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new pathway supporting the delivery of 21st century learning. It is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students or staff use their personally-owned device to access the department's information and communication (ICT) network.

Access to the department's ICT network is provided only if the device meets the department's security requirements which, at a minimum, requires that anti-virus software has been installed, is running and is kept updated on the device.

At Kirwan State High School the BYOD initiative will allow students to bring their own device to school and access the schools information technology resources. This will allow students to use the same device at home and at school. Although it is not for everyone, there are many advantages to a BYOx program, including:

  • Students will have increased access to the school's network, the internet and specialty software for enhanced learning.
  • Greater continuity between learning at school and at home.
  • Development of critical IT and 21st Century Skills.
  • School based support to connect to the network and access to free software through Education Queensland.

The BYOD program at Kirwan State High School is designed to provide students with a safe environment that will allow them to engage with the curriculum and the school community in a respectful way. Students will be able to bring a supported device to school and connect to the Kirwan State High School network. The school network will provide access to curriculum resources, the internet, email and more.

Supported devices

The school is allowing students to bring any device as long as it meets the requirements below. The listed requirements will allow the student to connect to the school network wirelessly and gain access to school resources.

Supported Systems ​ ​
Operating SystemVersionHardware
Apple macOS110.15 and later
MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro
Apple iOS/iPadOS 213.0 and later
iPad or iPad Pro
Microsoft Windows310 (1909 - November 2019 Update or above) 
Laptop or Tablet

1 Apple Laptops newer then 2018 should be compatible with the school network. 

2 Apple iPads should be a minimum size of a 32GB and have a strong case that protects the iPad from damage and a keyboard.

3 Windows based devices are required to have a minimum of 4GB RAM. It is also recommended these devices have a processor of at least Intel i3 (or equivalent). All devices require at least 80GB of free Hard Drive space. If subjects are being completed such as Graphics, Art, Design; higher specifications are recommended such as 8GB RAM and a processor of at least Intel i5 (or equivalent). 

Windows 10 in S mode will need to be switched out. Instructions to do this can be found on the Microsoft Windows 10 in S mode FAQ

The school's wireless network only supports 5GHz devices. ​

Not supported​

Android, Chromebook/Chrome OS, and Linux devices are not supported on the DoE network. 

​Vendor portals

Vendor portals are an option for parents purchasing a BYO device. The use of these portals is not mandatory and they are provided by vendors as a convenience for parents. The school is not involved in the private transactions between parents and the vendors.​ This list is in alphabetical order.


Microsoft Office is provided by Education Queensland for current students. Installition instructions for PCs and Macs can be found on the DoE The internet at school page. On iOS/iPadOS or Andriod you can download the Microsoft Office apps from the App store or Play Store and use your school account to unlock the full features.

The devices will also need to have an antivirus software installed and for it to be kept updated. Students are also expected to have an internet browsing program such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Some subject specific software may have higher specific hardware requirements. The school has devices capable of supporting this software that are available for use where a student's device cannot support this software.


There will be no cost apart from students providing their own device. An induction will occur when students are granted permission to join the program. If a student's device requires further support there may be charges incurred but only after a parent's authorisation has been received.


If you are interested in participating in the BYOD program, or have further questions about the program, please contact the Head of Department of IT Tim Villalba on (07) 4773 8174 or by email at

Last reviewed 22 March 2022
Last updated 22 March 2022