Attendance Strategy - Be Here and Belong!

Kirwan High is a mindful school in which education is highly valued as a means for success for individuals and the community as a whole.  We have high expectations and demand greatness from all students.  To achieve at a high level and transition to a successful future, students must attend school every day.


Being one of the largest schools in Queensland enables us to provide a large range of subject offerings and extracurricular programs. The opportunities for students are highlighted through our newly established attendance strategy – Be Here and Belong. This strategy is underpinned by the philosophy that a sense of belonging ensures young people are part of an inclusive community, enabling them to achieve excellent attendance and academic results.


Kirwan High is a school for everybody, where everybody can belong.



To support our attendance strategy Kirwan High has an electronic roll system and attendance is monitored closely. To do this the school has implemented a software program called ID ATTEND. 

When students are absent without explanation you will receive a SMS Text message on your mobile. You are requested to contact the school to explain your student's absence. For this program to be effective, it is important for parents/guardians to communicate to the school immediately if a change of mobile phone number or email address has occurred. 


Communicating Absences with the School

Should a student arrive at school after 8:55am, a letter of explanation or a note in the Student Planner from the student's parent/guardian is required. This letter or note must be presented to the Rolls Office before going to class.

Absences may also be explained by:

  • Email to the Rolls Office (Email:
  • Phone call / leave a message:  07 4773 8108.
  • QParents: Absences may also be explained on QParents.
  • Dedicated Absence mobile 

Dedicated absence mobile: 0429 661 971

Kirwan High also has a mobile number dedicated to absences which parents can use to contact the school regarding their student’s absence.

We encourage parents to use this number and to text the following information:

- Full name of the student 
- Year level
- HGR Class
- Date
- Reason for absence

Example Text - "John Smith - Yr08 - EL03 - 13/5/2020 - Sick"

Single Day Absence

Should a student be absent from school for one day only, a letter of explanation to the Rolls Officers in the First Year Centre (FYO1), text or a phone call to the Absence Lines 07 4773 8108 // 0429 661 971 from the student's parent/guardian is required. 

Multiple Day Absences

If a student is absent two or more days a medical certificate must be provided to the Rolls Officers in the First Year Centre. Parents/Guardians of all students who are absent from school for longer than ten (10) days for any reason (including illness), must complete an Exemption from Compulsory Schooling and Compulsory Participation. This form can be obtained from the Rolls Office in the First Year Centre.


If absences continue without evidence being supplied to the school it may be necessary to inform the Townsville District Education Office.


Obtaining Absence History

A student's complete absence history is available by contacting the school.


Feeling Sick at School 

Students who feel unwell at school must first report to the class teacher who will direct them to the School Office located in the Administration Block with a note to this effect. During recess, students should report directly to the Student Counter.


Facilities for housing sick students are limited. Sick bay is used as a holding station only. Your student needs to know a contact so that we can phone parents and send students home as quickly as possible.

Leaving School Grounds

Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours without special permission from the school Administration. Lunch passes will NOT be approved. This applies to students of all year levels. The names and details of all students leaving the school grounds are recorded by the Office staff in the Administration Block.

Health Concerns

We are concerned about the health and wellbeing of all students. You will appreciate that if we are to make the best decisions for students regarding health matters, we need accurate and current information about your child's health.


If your child has a serious medical condition please provide the school with detailed information about symptoms that staff should be alert for and any emergency treatments.


Accessing Medication at School

If your child is to have prescribed medication at school you should deliver the medication along with the doctor's written instructions to the School Office in the Administration Block. No medication is to be carried by students. A medication form will be issued to you to complete and the drugs stored for the student's use. Non-prescription medication is not permitted. When medication is administered to the student this will be recorded in a register. All drugs are discarded at expiry date or at the end of each year.


Withdrawing from Kirwan High 

Similarly if a student is withdrawing from school i.e. leaving the school, he or she should report to the School Office in the Administration Block for a leaving form. When this is completed it should be returned to the Office.

Last reviewed 05 June 2020
Last updated 05 June 2020