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Student Safety



Dear Parents, Guardians and Students


As you would be aware the Hudson Street main car park and bus stop re-development has been completed to ensure increased safety for our students.  These improvements are listed below and I request all parents and students abide by the new procedures from Day 1 on Monday 23rd January.

1.      Designated bus set down and pick up area on Hudson Street.

This area was re-developed in late 2016 and is for buses only.  Cars must not enter this area at any time to drop off or pick up students.  Police will be monitoring this area.


2.      Student set down and pick up area in re-developed car park.

Parents driving their children to school are requested to use the new student set down and pick up area in the car park.  The entrance into the car park is via the gate adjacent to the pool.  Follow the one-way lane around to the covered pick up area (highlighted in pink below) and move into the left lane for student pick up.  The right lane is for drive through traffic and the striped area in front of the covered area must remain free of vehicles at all times.  Please keep the student pick up lane moving as much as possible and be on the alert for pedestrians and students being collected from the Special Education block prior to exiting the car park via the gate adjacent to the Special Education block.

3.      Students riding bikes to school

In 2017 the student bike compound is located behind the machinery shed beside the main car park.  There are only two (2) ways to enter and exit the bike compound so that riders remain out of the car park and safe at all times:

(i)      Students entering the bike compound from Hudson Street must do so from the school pedestrian gate beside the pool (indicated by red arrow on right).  Follow the pedestrian path around past the pool entrance and then down the path between the Automotive Shed and Trade Training Centre.

(ii)     The other entrance for students riding bikes to school is via the pedestrian gate on Thuringowa Drive beside the basketball courts.  Upon entry through this gate students must follow the pathway through the school to the bike compound.

General Information

-       When crossing Hudson Street or Thuringowa Drive students must dismount and walk their bikes across the road using the designated crossing.

-       Students must lock their bike in the compound and the compound will also be locked at 9 a.m. each day and opened at 2 p.m. on Monday and 2.45 p.m. Tuesday – Friday for students to retrieve their bikes and safely exit the school via one of these gates.  Once bikes are locked in the compound, students walk down the path and enter the school via the gate at the Performing Arts Block (indicated by left red arrow).  The car park must remain free of student cyclists at all times.  When exiting via the pool gate, students are asked to take particular care and be considerate of pedestrians when riding past the entrance to the school pool.


4.      Students walking to and from school via Hudson Street car park

There are two (2) pedestrian gates for students arriving at and exiting school via the Hudson Street car park area:

(i)      Gate near Special Education block – stay on the pedestrian path and enter the school through the next nearest gate.

(ii)     Pedestrian gate at pool – follow the pedestrian path past the pool entrance and then between the Automotive Shed and Training Centre.  Continue to walk past the bike compound and follow the path down the black fence line adjacent to the oval.  Enter the school via the gate beside the Performing Arts Block.

General Information

-       All students walking to and from school must stay out of the car park at all times.

-       Students walking across Hudson Street on Thuringowa Drive must do so at the designated pedestrian crossings only.


5.      Administration Block car park

This car park or the entrance to the car park on Hudson Street must not be used to drop off or pick up students.  Parents are requested to use the set down/pick up area provided in the main car park.


6.      Students driving to school

All students that drive their own cars to school must park their cars on the streets adjacent to the school.  The car park on Hudson Street is a designated staff only car park.


 I look forward to welcoming you all back to school next week.


Yours sincerely


Murray James