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Homestay Families for International Students

​Become a Homestay Host​​
​Become an EQI Homestay Host

We are currently looking for homestay hosts who can offer a welcoming home to international students studying in Townsville.

Come along to our information evening to find out more.

When: 5.30 to 7pm, Tuesday 7 March 2017
Where: The Library, Kirwan State High School, Hudson Street, Townsville
RSVP: Rebecca Stacey / 0467 804 403

To book via EventBrite, please click here.

International Students at Kirwan

Kirwan High has a proud tradition of welcoming International Students to live and study in Townsville. The school hosts students from all over the World, providing cultural richness to local and international students, teachers and families.

For International Students Pia Krammer (Austria), Pierre Wadenpohl (Germany), Miyu Tomari (Japan) and Feliza Schorde (Germany), life at school can be very different to their experience in their home countries.

Only Miyu was required to wear a uniform at her school in Japan, and said that some schools in her area were very strict – stricter than Kirwan! The rest of the group were not required to wear a uniform – this was a big change, but one they have become used to.

The students discussed how classes were made up of mostly the same students throughout high school, where at Kirwan they get to experience more moving between classrooms, teachers and also classmates. The HGR concept was also foreign to them, especially how students from different year levels would interact with each other – however they could see the value in these classes as the older students passed on traditions and the house spirit.

For all, the swimming carnival was a very new (yet fun) activity – these had not been experienced before they came to Australia, but they all enjoyed the day! Their overseas schools did not have house groups, but they all loved the spirit and competitiveness that they bring.

The best part of school here at Kirwan was that students were able to choose their subjects – and that there were different subjects on offer. Students came to Kirwan for Marine Science and also Dance. Pia enjoys Dance back home in Austria, but had not studied it at school so she is enjoying the theory as well as the practical elements. Both Pierre and Feliza enjoy Marine Science as it is not offered back in Germany – and it was the main reason they chose to study at Kirwan. Students found that some subjects were easier… and some required more writing!

The students chatted about their home schools and how classes are made up of nearly all local students, with very few International – a big difference from Kirwan. The concept of global citizenship was new until they came to Kirwan, but they like the concept - especially learning about other cultures and working together.

Pia, Pierre and Feliza said they would like to return to Australia once they have finished their studies back home to work and travel. The students are looking forward to the International Student Camp to Airlie Beach in June this year – especially the beautiful beaches!

International students come to Kirwan as part of a program that broadens their horizons and cultural experiences. There is a continuation of their studies here at Kirwan, and further study is required on their return home. International students are motivated and keen to learn more about the world. Feliza is in Year 11 here, but will have another three years of study to complete when she returns to Germany in July.

International Students stay with amazing Homestay Families who make their experiences valuable. There are some families who take students year after year, but more are always needed. It is a very rewarding experience for the International Students and the Homestay Families. If you would like more information on the program, please contact Elena Hawkins or Rebecca Stacey – or​