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Exam Week Information - Term 2, 2017


Term 2 Exam Week Schedule

As previously communicated, Week 10 at Kirwan State High School will be our exam week. During this time, all students will be focused on preparing for and doing their very best for their subject exams. The number of exams, how long they are and when they are conducted is different for each year level. The information below is provided to help parents and guardians maintain awareness of what the exam week means for their children.

Year 7 and 8 students will complete their exams in their normal classes. They attend school as usual until the last day of term. There is no special timetable for them during this week.

Year 9 and 10 students will complete their exams as subject blocks. These exams will occur at times when not all students normally have these subjects, which means there is a special exam timetable for Year 9 and Year 10. When students do not have an exam they attend as per their normal timetable and their attendance is required until the last day of term. Not all subjects have an exam this term.

Year 11 and 12 OP students have block exams which means that they only attend school when they have an exam. Year 12 OP students must also attend the QCS Workshop and Practice from Wednesday afternoon until the end of Friday. At other times, they remain home to study or attend any organised tutoring sessions. There is a special exam timetable for Year 11 and Year 12 students that outlines when these exams occur. Students must wear the full school uniform when they come to school for an exam, and must wait quietly at the classroom of their exam prior to the start of the exam. Students must have all of the equipment they need to complete the exam with them. A roll will be taken and students must attend all of their exams. For students who must attend for an exam, but are unable to arrive or leave part way through the day, the school library will be available for study. Not all subjects have an exam this term.

Year 11 and 12 VET students attend their normal VET classes, except when they have an exam. VET students are expected to attend every day until the end of term as they must continue to be taught and complete the relevant competencies within their certificates. The Year 11 and Year 12 exam timetable outlines when the exams are and it is important that VET students check this, as many will have exams.

The school has minimised the number of assignments due during the week so that students are able to concentrate on preparing for their exams. This means that all students should be undertaking a large amount of study, either individually or with fellow students from their classes, prior to their exams. Year 11 and 12 OP students have additional time to study at home during this week, in recognition of their larger exam load. It is important that all parents and guardians speak to their children about effectively using this time to maximise their school results.​

Overview of the year level exam timetables:​

Download the Term 2 2017 Exam Timetable Overview.pdf​